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Hooked Up Reunion - BTGWTV's first short

Posted by strumquill on 2012.01.22 at 14:13
Beyond the Ghetto - Within the Village has gotten into making short films (NO not porno!)

Our first short is called Hooked Up Reunion about a "club kid" who discovers he has just picked up his former basher from his local bar. What will he do next?

Here is the trailer:

The short is complete and we have a campaign on indiegogo to raise funds to distribute the film to queer film festivals around North America. Consider donating. Or at least spread the trailer link around. 

Matthew Presidente and Tara C Taylor perform Matty's tune Feeling Good at the Vancouver North American Outgames with crowd shots taken from the Sunset Beach Pride Festival 2011

Cruisy T Boat Cruises

Posted by strumquill on 2011.08.26 at 01:38
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BTGWTV wishes all of our followers a romantic and beautiful end to summer 2011! [but NOT to the romance] THis video is dedicated to Stephen's favourite married couple, ALex and Luke.

BTGWTV is proud to be one of the media sponors of the Mirateca Arts Gay Top Model Vancouver 004 (2011) contest in Vancouver Canada.

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW the NEW VIDEO for GAY TOP MODEL and you have a chance to WIN a $50 gift-card to Befresh Salon+Spa located in Vancouver-Canada. You can leave the comment in our http://www.facebook.com/gaytopmodel page (see the video) or for better chances to win you can also leave a comment under the youtube video page http://www.facebook.com/l/3985bz962atQMIww-5omt-iczFg/www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D730tA3Wx0

Did you get your tickets yet for the GAY TOP MODEL 004 grand finale April 23rd at River Rock Casino? http://www.facebook.com/l/3985bZ8hp6znrezHMf-z9IJyCZQ/www.gaytopmodel.com

BTGWTV Productions is proud to present Matthew Presidente's new performance video, Valentine's Day directed by Tara C Taylor and filmed/edited by Stephen Emery.

This is just the performance video. A full release version with characters and a story line - as well as a second song attached to it - will be available in March.

For more of Matthew Presidente's recent video releases and his CD go to http://www.matthewpresidente.com

 Matthew Presidente's newest video - Rainbow Reaction

Vancouver videographer and musician Stephen Emery's contribution to the "It's Get's Better" Project to prevent suicide amongst LGBTQ youth.


YouTube link

This vid is particularly for those young, "misfit", rocker/punker/folkster youth out there who are currently dealing with the angst of not only finding their creative muses but also dealing with homophobia and sexual identity issues within music and pop culture that often does not tell their stories.

Well good news. A community of beautiful, inspirational, musical influences, mentors, friends, and performers -LGBT and Allies alike- are singing proud out there to support you.

This short video provides an example from musicians who played local Pride events in Vancouver, Canada featuring:

Matthew Presidente, Tara C Taylor, Jeffery Straker, Cris Derkson, Scatterheart, Sugar Beach, and Kim Kuzma.

You WILL find YOUR song: and it DOES get better.

Hugs and Love,
Stephen Emery


Peter Breeze - Coming Soon

Posted by strumquill on 2010.10.02 at 14:44
 In the very near future the crew of BTG-WTV are going to be following the rehearsals and recording sessions of performer/singer Peter Breeze.

Here are a couple of videos by Peter's OWN crew to entice you:

Peter Breeze and Maxwell Maxwell

Posted by strumquill on 2010.10.02 at 09:50
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I don't mean to gossip here but our favourite YouTube Comedians - Kev Jumba, Ryan Higa, and newbie Swag Panda are discovering their sexuality, well at least dealing with the issue of stereotypes, in interesting ways. SOmetimes involving ice cream and bumble bees. And WE at BTGWTV LOVE IT!

And remember...it's NOT JUST gay...it's HOT!

Kev Jumba and Ryan Higa as the Best Crew - Kev, we LIKE Pong :P

And something from newbie Swag Panda: [Kev Jumba - You belong to Me


You guys may not be GAY, but you cuties are doing pretty well :P  

Rainbow Reaction - a performance documentary or Pride 2010 Performers in Vancouver

Part 1 - Rainbow Reaction Episode: Matthew Presidente - BTGWTV Matthew Presidente discusses his new CD This City's Colours along with live performance footage with band mates Kacie Wallace and Hazen Rice.

Part 2 - Rainbow Reaction Episode: ScatterHeart - BTGWTV Scatterheart at Davie Street Pride 2010

Scatterheart (Live) - Davie Street Pride Party 2010 from Stephen Emery on Vimeo.

Scatterheart plays an incredible set at the Davie Street Pride Party 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. Band info - http://scatterheart.ca

Part 3 - Rainbow Reaction episode - Kim Kuzma

Kim Kuzma interview

An interview and performance footage of BC based musician Kim Kuzma by Tara C Taylor. Part of the performance documentary Rainbow Reaction Interview Host: Tara C Taylor Camera crew: ALex Yuen, Aaron Chan, Joe Percusa, Stephen Emery


Patricia Raye and her band Luscious Moov play a soulful set at the Davie Street 2010 Vancouver Pride Party.

Part 5 - Chris Derksen

Chelloist Cris Derksen plays the Sunset Beach Festival at Vancouver Pride 2010 and talks to our crew about her music (coming soon)

Production Credits
Voiceovers, Andrew Lim, Tim Chisholm
Camera Operators: Joe Percusa, Aaron Chan, ALex Yuen, Whendy Havens, Stephen Emery
Post Production: Joe Percusa, Stephen Emery, Wendy Havens

Special Thanks to stage and house manager Terry Costa at J-Lounge and Davie Street for stage and audio access. Media passes provided to crew by the Vancouver Pride Society


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